Forget Tolerance- Give Me Love

I came across this today and it seemed timely. Thought I would share it here 🙂 Happy Wednesday!


Why are we compelled to label ourselves? To attach ourselves to sub-cultures which affirm us? Why are we sometimes threatened or put off by those who do not share our belief systems?
What happens when we are submerged in a “foreign” sub-culture in which we are unable to “speak the language?” How do we turn discomfort into opportunity?
Can we co-exist?
How do we become people who can mingle with any crowd, retain our self-esteem despite our differences and still have something relevant to say? And more than that, how do we become freed up enough to love, I mean really love- not patronize, preach, write off, or devalue? How can we be unconcerned enough about our own agendas and appearances to really see people?
We all need someone to say, “you are ok- you pass inspection.” And we dare hope for someone to say, “you are more than just ok- you are good.”
For me, this someone is Jesus. He tells me who I am….valuable regardless of how many miles I biked this weekend or where my child is scoring on the development chart. As the do’s and do not’s of a fluid culture change, He doesn’t. As I take on His identity, I find worth. I find my best self without looking. And as I am able to look away from myself, I can see much better.
We live in a world that constantly shouts lies about what determines a person’s value. What confuses us, is that the point system is always changing. The fact is, no matter how good I am, I will fail. I can sometimes hide it from others, but I know it in my heart. I will never consistently measure up.
I believe that the only exception to this who ever lived is Jesus. Because of His goodness, and because He made us- we are valuable. He is not impressed by our IQs, our good housekeeping, our abs, or our resting heart rates.
What moves Him is our faith. Maybe if we really believe, really stake our lives on our identity in Him, it will give us the freedom to love as He did.
We must resist the lie that we are constantly measured. People may measure us, but God’s measurement was finished in Jesus. He was found perfect- He measured up for all of us- once and for all.


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